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Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Yesterday's News

I have TA-proffed and proofed, ghost-written and even played editorial staff on Permafrost, the art/lit journal of UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks) I helped a Chinese man polish his doctoral thesis on how water moves through trees. I have proofed and edited Italian scholarly journal articles about declining replacement rates in more recent generations of Italian population. In S. Korea, I generated curricula for ESL instruction, a series of thirty lesson plans with supporting materials and visual aids and presentation plans. These curricula were published annually in a handbook for students (our pupils were teachers themselves, in the public schools, doing their continuing education in ESL).. I have a chapter in a book by and about the life work of ChangHan Kim a S. Korean oilpainter. While in Korea, I wrote for two art and culture magazines, and for the local newspaper in my host city Jeju. Jeju has an old culture replete with shamanic tales, and I edited and compiled a book of traditional stories (historical fiction from an oral tradition of just out-and-out parable and mythical superstition). Here in my stateside home city, I have written the music review issue's main feature for the Ryder free magazine (pen name Julian Riggs), and put a write-your-congressman column in the daily newspaper demonstrating about protection of privacy on the internet way back in the 90's when the web was just getting sticky (pen name IN Spectre). In Albuquerque, NM, I took 2nd in the better paper's contest to write a piece on something other than a piece of paper. I wrote a cafe & movie review on a tire-flattened large Subway cup.And that's just half my credentials.

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